How To Get The Best Airbrush Tanning In Las Vegas?

airbrush tanning in Las Vegas

Airbrush tanning is a new, safe, sunless tanning method of achieving a golden look without the risk of skin cancer often associated with overexposure to the sun. Airbrush tanning results are rapid as soon as the tanning solution is applied.

The active ingredient in the tanning solution is dihydroxyacetone which interacts with amino acids on the skin’s outer layer to give a gorgeous glowing appearance. A professional uses an airbrush and compressor to spread the tan in a consistent manner.

There are many airbrushes tanning salons in Las Vegas, and to know the best, there are specific characteristics and art to look out for

Characteristics of the best airbrush tanning salon in Las Vegas


The maintenance of a salon will translate into how a customer is treated. Many salons do not consider the health of their patients. Spray tan products could be a source of health risk if inhaled, so salons should be well ventilated.

The best salons in Las Vegas have equipment that has a ventilation fan designed to suck away any overspray immediately. They also give protective nose pieces and eyewear to protect the client.

Alcohol-free salon

Many salons doing airbrush tanning in Las Vegas use alcohol-based spray tan that acts as a thinning agent. The alcohol in the spray tan allows the tan to flow into the fine mist necessary for application.

However, alcohol causes a crackling effect on the tan, damaging a person’s spray tan. The crack in the tan makes the skin looks very dry instead of giving the gorgeous glow of a tanned skin.

Pre-tan scrubbing

Exfoliation is an important pre-tanning ritual that can not be avoided if an even glow is the desired result. For the best natural spray tan to give a beautiful glow, old skin cells must be scrubbed off to create an even landscape that anchors the tan.

But if you don’t choose the right scrub, it may cause your tan to streak; popular sugar scrubs coat the skin and cause the tan to run right off. The best airbrush tanning in Las Vegas will provide an exfoliating mitt and advice on skipping lotion afterward, as tan spray formulas stick best to dry skin.

Dark clothing

After airbrush tanning, dark clothes should be worn as the tan will stain the clothes, but with a darker shade, the stains might not be visible. No matter how careful you are, the clothes you wear to spray tan will have slight discoloration.

The stains from a spray should wash out easily; however, Airbrush tanning salons will advise wearing loose-fitting dark shade clothing as the tan can easily be altered when freshly sprayed.

Resist body butter

Some salons may advise keeping the skin thoroughly hydrated to extend the longevity of your spray tan. Opt for a lightweight lotion best and only moisturize when required. The moisture in heavier lotions and body butter will work away at your glow, making it fade faster.


Las Vegas has one of the best airbrush tanning services to make your tanning experience memorable. With the above characteristics, finding the best will be easy, so getting a service that provides a gorgeous glow will be easy.

Author: Mary Garrison